Don't Stress Over an Electrical Malfunction

Arrange for electrical repair services in Montgomery, AL

An electrical malfunction can be enough to disrupt your entire day. Thankfully, Electric Concepts offers electrical repair services in Montgomery, AL that will solve your problem in no time. We can also replace outdated electrical work with newer and more efficient solutions.

If you're starting a remodel or installing new appliances, our team can perform an electrical panel upgrade to make sure your system can handle the higher electrical demands that come with updating your home. Contact our team today to learn more about our electrical repair services.

Thermal imaging

Thermal imaging

Electric Concepts believes in bringing to light services that other electrical contractors either don't offer or are just not up to speed on the latest technologies

If we could tell you about an electrical hazard that could potentially harm yourself, family, or co-workers would you take it lightly. Of course you wouldn't! We can not only tell you but now we can show you the hidden dangerous that you don't even know are happening with a thermal imaging scan of all your electrical components in your home or business.