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Welcome to Electric Concepts of Montgomery : Electrician For Home and Commercial Repairs

A Bright team for a Brighter Home or Business


Electricity has become a necessity more than a luxury in the modern day ways of life. Electricity has become a major part of commercial productivity and our day to day way of residential living. A well lit room can provide better lighting for production, security, and even day to day functionality.

A well-lit room can appear larger and more welcoming than a room with poor lighting. If your home or business looks small or dull, turn to Electric Concepts. We’re a residential and commercial electrical company in Montgomery, AL that can light up your property.

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Montgomery Electrician Contractor for all electrical and lighting design needs

From lighting installations, to electrical maintenance and more, Electric Concepts does it all. Take a look at what Electric Concepts has been up to lately.

Sink Under Cabinet Lighting Electrical Concepts Montgomery
Stove Under Cabinet Lighting Design Electrical Concepts Montgomery Al
Lighting Over Island Design By Electrical Concepts Montgomery Al
Floor Under Cabinet Lighting Electrical Concepts Montgomery Al
Under Cabinet Lighting Electrical Concepts Montgomery
Lighting Kitchen Design Electrical Concepts Montgomery Al
Under Cabinet Lighting By Electrical Concept Montgomery Al
Lighting Install Electric Concepts Montgomery Al
Our Experience

Poor electrical work can lead to frequent surges, a high electrical bill and even an increased risk of fire. To make sure your wiring is handled correctly, you’ll want to work with a trusted electrician. Electric Concepts has 25 years combined of experience, so you can rest assured that our team will handle your electrical work with great precision.

We bring a new meaning to the word ELECTRICIAN. An electrician to us, is a person that has the electrical knowledge to fix the electrical issue at hand. While others hire installers without the know how of the right way to approach an electrical issue.

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