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From the first time customer to the returning customer we will be here to handle the ever changing electrical world. With a family approach in mind we strive to bring to you the highest level of quality and customer service to your home or business and become part of your family. With an undeniable passion for electrical trades and a strong work ethic every job will be done correctly and in a timely manner.


CEO & part owner, Trey Speight always knew that using his creativity and working with his hands was the route he wanted to take at a young age. At the beginning of his electrical career, as a young apprentice he knew he had finally found one of his missing puzzle pieces, the electrical trades. Although he was unaware of the who, when, where of what the future would hold, his strong will to succeed and ambitious drive to become a leader in the electrical industry created a vision for the future, The creation of ELECTRIC CONCEPTS was born. He had made it to the top of the mountain. But when you get to the top of the mountain, find a bigger mountain and keep fighting. In the infancy of the company, what better way to grow than to bring someone on that shares that same drive, work ethic, and compassion for what he does as himself. Finally the the puzzle was complete, a partnership was formed with CEO & part owner, Edward Allen. These two men have taken a competitive approach on giving you the latest electrical innovations and strive to become a top tier service providers for their customer base.

Electric Concepts


Our #1 priority is bring you guaranteed satisfaction with stand alone customer service. With a never give up attitude when the chips are down and to keep pushing when things get hard. We have the will to fight and exceed your expectations and needs. We will always stay deadline conscious and keep the customers budget in mind.

Bringing a family values aspect to every job we do, big or small. Always out performing the competition with employees that keep the winners never stop mind set. When we finally reach a goal we will always set a bigger goal and keep pushing for our vision of what Electric Concepts will become. We will always strive to stay schedule conscious and meet any and all dead lines.

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