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Fall Lighting Trends: Our Five Favorite Ideas

Fall Lighting Trends: Our Five Favorite Ideas

Here at Electric Concepts, we look forward to new trends in electronics, appliances, and lighting designs. We are particularly fond of seasonal trends. With fall upon us, we are more than excited to share our five favorite trends in lighting design. 

Seismic shifts in lighting design happen gradually. Seasonal trends, on the other hand, are so fun and exciting because they occur every three months. These new trends are natural, too, reflecting the changes in color, light, and tone that come with each respective season—and fall might just be our favorite. 

The Season Of The Chandelier

When Art Meets Life: Organic Chandeliers

For years now, it seems as if modern design has struggled to gain prominence over traditional design. The warmth, comfort, and detail of a traditional home is difficult to compete with. Many have resisted the modern trend because it can come off as cold and calculated. 

However, a new trend in fall lighting design has lent fans of modern decor an olive branch. Whether gilded or painted white, chandeliers that mimic the twisting branches and roots of autumn trees have become wildly “poplar”—pun intended. Other organic chandeliers are made up of leaves, bush buds, or any other pattern found in nature’s flora. 

Autumn being the season of trees, turning leaves, and color, organic chandeliers are perfect for fall events and your Thanksgiving meal. 

Outdoor Chandeliers

Panning out, we find that chandeliers are now part of a much wider trend in fall lighting design: the outdoor chandelier. 

Our lighting design experts here at Electric Concepts have worked with dozens of homeowners to install outdoor chandeliers. Wheel-patterned chandeliers hanging from a lake or beach house patio. Medieval iron over flagstone. Crystal chandeliers surrounded by LED string lights. To be quite frank, outdoor chandeliers are more than a statement for your home design. They just work. 

Lanterns, Lanterns, Lanterns

Potent Portables

It wasn’t all that long ago that people had to hold a candle around the house after dark. Here in 2021, we still have to carry light when heading outdoors after dark. Of course, that’s what flashlights are for, right? 

Alas, our brightest minds in lighting design have yet to create a truly aesthetic flashlight. For those romantic evenings on a blanket by the water or after hours beach gatherings, your only other options are candles or a bonfire. One of these barely reveals a face, while the other roars like a lion of light. 

This fall, however, has seen a huge surge in portable lighting designs. More accurately, our team here at Electric Concepts has seen many families invest in portable lanterns. Not too bright, not too dim, and perfectly portable, lanterns offer a far more pleasing, comforting, or even romantic option whenever you need to wander beyond the backyard after dark. 

LED Lanterns

Sure, sometimes it seems like we can inject LED lights into any lighting design and call it a trend. Part of this is true and testament to the amazing advancements that LED lights represent. But it’s also true that we’re still only beginning to understand just how versatile LED lights are. 

LED lanterns allow you far more options. You can make them flicker like a candle—as in, actually like a candle, with that yellow-orange glow. You don’t have to deal with wax. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about them going out. In fact, come Halloween, try using LED lights for your Jack-o’-lanterns. 

Antique Lights 

Fall is the season of nostalgia. Leaves turning signifies life’s twilight, the final days before winter silences nature. Colors are rustic, reminiscent of an age gone by. It’s a perfect season for dim, warm lighting, whether by the fire or, more permanently, from antique lights. 

Antique bulbs provide an autumn mood for any occasion. Our team here at Electric Concepts has even installed antique lighting fixtures in offices throughout the Montgomery area, whether for holiday parties or personal workspaces. Nothing lights up those rustic colors like antique lighting. 

The autumn season always brings about some of the best and most creative trends. With just a few weeks of fall in the books, this year has been no exception. For more ideas about fall lighting designs, give us a call or visit us online for more information. Electric Concepts is a full-service lighting design company. We will work with you to design your home or office lighting, make the installations, and provide any further services needed for maintenance and upkeep. 

Learn More About Electric Concepts’ Lighting Design And Installation Team 

As the top lighting design experts in Montgomery, our team here at Electric Concepts is always anxious to keep up with seasonal trends. Fall lighting trends offer some of the most innovative ideas, which we are equally anxious to communicate to our customers. Homeowners and businesses all over Alabama can testify to the depth and breadth of our lighting design services.  So contact our lighting design experts at any time to get started.

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